What are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard

There are several ways you can kill skunks in the yard, although certain ways should be avoided because they are illegal. Some of the options are described below.

Using cage trapping

This is an easy and convenient way to kill skunks. You use the trap tocapture the skunks and then you can either relocate the skunks or get a wildlife removal expert to kill them with lethal injections. Some people may decide to let them starve within the trap, but this is inhumane and illegal in many areas.

Poisoning the skunks

While this is one common way to kill a skunk in the yard, many do not suggest this because they will likely bleed to death internally, which will be a slow and agonizing death for the skunk. This is an inhumane method and won’t necessarily solve your skunk problem as more skunks can show up in your yard at any time.

Shooting the skunk

Some people will want to shoot the skunk right where they find it. In rural areas, this may be a good idea because the removal service may be many miles away. When trying to shoot the skunk, you need to take precautions as the skunk’s blood may be contaminated with a virus like rabies, which is not good for you or your pets. This is a highly transferable disease. The disease may cause many other issues for your health.

Using lethal traps

A body grip trap is one type of lethal trap. It will grip the skunk body and kill it. It is a traditional trapper that most homeowners still use today. One trap often used is the spring loaded connibear. This double-type trap can choke and squeeze a skunk to death right there. It is inhumane, however, because the skunk will suffer and may not die right away.

It is important to use gloves and wear your protective gear. Disposing of carcasses needs to be done carefully like placing them in a plastic bag and burying them in the ground. This helps to prevent any virus spread because of the death. The skunk could be contaminated with diseases, so you may want to think about the safest way to dispose of the body. Calling for a removal service is also a good way to handle the problem if you are not willing to kill the animals.

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