Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against skunks?

People who sell high pitch sound deterrent machines claim that they are able to repel almost everything, including animals and insects. These machines are marketed in such a way that the buyer believes that almost anything that has infiltrated their property will be scared off completely. Initially, the devices can seem to work, but after a few trials, the animals just don’t care about the noise and will go about their business oblivious of your efforts to send them off.

How they are claimed to work

One of the animals that the high pitch sound deterrent machines are said to work on is the skunk, but it is important to know that this isn’t true. Usually, a sound repellent emits very high frequency sound waves so as to repel the skunk. There is a claim that by using this noise, which is usually above the normal hearing range of humans, the skunks will be frightened and annoyed and this will drive them away completely. Since the skunk has great senses of hearing and smell but poor vision, there are claims that the method actually works.

There are some deterrents that use electricity while others will require you to use a battery. Many of them come with an indicator light which is usually red in color. You should not waste your money or effort on this kind of device as it will simply disappoint you.

Many of the pest control products like insecticides are usually monitored and greatly regulated by the bodies responsible for them. Such manufacturers need to prove that their products actually work. As for the high pitch sound deterrents, this is not the case. They aren’t required to offer any proof that the machines will actually work against animals and insects. This is why they are at liberty to praise their products so highly even when they don’t actually work well.

There are some animals that are so easily frightened, especially when a strange noise or an unfamiliar one is introduced into their surroundings. However, for most of them, including the skunk, they quickly adjust to the sounds since they keep on repeating. If you use this kind of thing to repel skunks, it will not work long term. The skunk will pay little or no attention to the noise after it has been on for some days. There isn’t any evidence that supports the fact that the skunks can be deterred by the noise and more research may be needed in the field.

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