How to get skunks out from under a shed or porch

The primary defense means that skunks use is the anal glands which produce a very musky compound. This can be sprayed fifteen feet or even more. They are very infamous for the odor production and it is so powerful and communicates a message which is a very clear warning you need to stay away. If the chemical were to get into the eyes of an animal or person, it can cause great discomfort. However, the physical appearance of the animal makes it very recognizable and so it can act as a warning to any potential victims.

In the wild, landscape offers protection. Today due to human encroachment and the developments that are going up so quickly, you can find a skunk taking up residence under your porch or shed. You may see the telltale signs that there is an unwelcome visitor within your home and you should take action as soon as you possibly can.

It is very important to do the exclusion in a very proactive manner so as to make sure that no other animal moves into the den after. You need to check the den first to make sure that it is empty. You can test for the presence of a skunk by simply filling the hole loosely with crumpled paper, straw, leaves or soil. If there is a skunk under there, they will push and the hole will be open in the morning.

The best way to eliminate the skunk is by using a one way door kind of system or by harassment of the skunk. The two methods are highly recommended. Make sure that when you are eliminating the skunk that there aren’t any young ones within the den, and if you think there are any young, make sure that you wait until they are old enough to follow the mother. The one way exclusion door needs to be left in place for a few days to ensure that the animal has actually left the den.

Harassment can also work at times. You can do this by repacking the den with materials in a very loose manner. The skunk may get the message and move out. Before using this method, you need to ensure that it is actually safe.

You can also add some noise and light some hours after night falls. Skunks love it quiet and dark and the addition of noise and light can make the area not so attractive. You should ensure that the skunk isn’t there before you place the stimulus aimed at disturbing it.

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