Fastest way to get rid of skunks

The only time when skunks don’t seem adorable is when they spray. The odor is so foul and powerful that everyone who has ever come across a spraying skunk would never wish to relive the experience. Skunks spray whenever they feel cornered and threatened, so it would be better to stay as far away from a skunk as possible so as not to make it feel vulnerable. These creatures can dig up holes within your property as they look for food, and this can lead to damage in the lawn as well as plants that have been upturned in the yard or garden. To avoid this damage, it is important that you get rid of skunks as fast as possible. These methods include:

one of the methods to consider is trapping. Usually, the choice of a trap is very important as is the choice of bait. There is a wide variety of live traps for skunks available in the market today, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that really works. Once you trap the skunk, you may relocate it to an area where there will be no conflict with the humans. There are different laws governing the trapping and relocation of animals, so you may find it helpful to find out more on the topic before you start.

you may also consider fencing, especially if you have a garden. Skunks usually change their diet with the seasons. Usually, they will eat the food that is readily available. They can eat animals and plant material as well. Skunks are essential to the ecosystem because they feed on agricultural pests. You should consider fencing your garden in such a way that the skunks will not be able to gain entry even if they burrow.

you may consider adding light to the surroundings because skunks don’t like light. Skunks tend to steer clear of areas that are well lit and will prefer the darker locations.

Sealing holes: in order to deal with skunks under the deck, yard or house, you need to seal up all the holes that they may have dug up and could be living in. If you allow them to stay, they will start nesting and increase in population. Solid metal flash wire used together with screening can prove very effective in covering the holes.

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