Will a pest control company remove a skunk?

The term of skunk exterminator should not be used because skunks are not insect pests and they should not be exterminated. An exterminator is a person who kills, and this typically applies to a person who kills insects or small pests through the use of poison sprays. A skunk should not be dealt with in such a manner. You should not call an insect killing company to deal with a skunk problem. When you need to deal with a skunk problem on your property, since they do cause damage, you have to call for a professional wildlife trapper to solve such an issue.

When a skunk is on your property, it may be causing different problems. It can be digging up the lawn and garden or creating different small conical holes within the yard. It can also dig a big hole under a concrete slab in order to gain access to a deck or shed. The wildlife control and management companies are not the same as pest control companies. It is much more appropriate to call a wildlife control and management company to handle your skunk situation effectively and humanely than to contact a pest control company.

Besides the fact that exterminating a skunk will be inhumane, while dying the skunk will lose control of their scent glands and will release that terrible smell that is associated with skunks. There is no need to kill the skunk and the homeowner who has to deal with the skunk should not try to use lethal traps in order to remove them and should not allow any professionals to do this either. The professional nuisance wildlife control company can take care of animal trapping and removal together with damage repair or preventative measures. Many of these companies will also offer biological cleanup services.

Contrary to what the pest control companies tend to do, when it comes to dealing with skunks, the right company will not use poison to kill them since this is inhumane and it leads to the animals dying in hidden places within the home or yard and this causes odor problems. When people try to kill skunks with poisons that are meant to kill mice or rats, they are going to suffer. The wildlife trapping companies combine trapping and excluding with habitat modification in order to take care of such a problem.

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