Do skunks shed their fur??

Skunks will shed their fur at least twice each year. They will shed the soft downy layer full of their fur in the spring, while the longer, courser coat will be shed in fall. Their shedding is normally less compared to that of a dog or cat, and it can last just a short period.

The skunk fur is striking, glamorous and warm, and it has been one of the most sought out furs in fashion. The skunk is easy to farm, and skunk farming was once a stepping stone for the people who want to farm the fur. The skunk can be tamed easily and when it is their feeding time, they will come running to you. The skunk does not know how to climb and they have few predators. This means that you can keep them in pens with an open top. They eat anything found nearby and table scraps can do the trick. When there is selective breeding, the skunks will produce an only black skunk in 3 to 4 generations.

The skunk fur is used to make warm winter garments. For a skunk pet, nail clipping is important for the well-being of the fur. Sometimes the skunk may be introduced to bathing time when it is still young, and if it has been de-scented, there will no odor left that will linger around. The skunks know how to groom themselves well.

The diet of the skunk will dictate the type of fur that the skunk will have. The skunk can eat anything that smells or tastes like food. The task you have if you are a skunk owner is giving a healthy diet to the skunk in order to offer it long life. The skunk may turn yellow because of bad diet, unclean leaving conditions, stress or even parasite infestation. Skunks should eat the foods that have low protein and are better compared to high protein or high fat food. You have to be careful about the processed food of the pets since they have low quality nutrients and they are full of sugars. Giving the skunk a high protein and fat diet will make it lazy, and this will lead to problems. You should feed 30 percent of vegetables and 70 percent of dairy and meats to the skunk. When the skunk is fed vegetables only, it will lose its bone mass. A skunk needs fresh water always, but it does not require too much water.

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