What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

You would never have thought that you would need to know how to kill skunks humanely, right? Well the truth is many people seek out this information once they find themselves face to face with a skunk problem on their property or within their home. People are constantly having skunks intrude in their homes, and then they have to make the decision of whether to relocate the skunk or kill it humanely. Here are some explanations on how you might handle the situation if you decide to take the lethal route.

Using poison to kill a skunk is highly discouraged because it leaves the skunk to suffer because it takes a while to die from the poison. Also, spraying the skunk with poison will take a few minutes to kill the skunk, which is also not recommended.

Killing the skunk by shooting it would be the best way to end its life quickly. Of course, people need to do it precisely so that the animal dies right away and doesn’t suffer. Getting rid of skunks in a way which will not make them suffer is humane.

A wildlife removal service will help you kill the skunk using an injection. Skunks can be taken to the wildlife center where they will be euthanized. It is not appropriate to let them suffer or starve for days before their death. It may be a crime in your area if you kill a skunk through antifreeze, stabbing or imprisonment. These are forms of abuses for them and will cause them to suffer. You may also find yourself in trouble with the law if you choose any of these methods.

When you notice you have wild animals in your property, you could try to trap them. Trapping might keep them alive until wildlife removal services get rid of them. Trapping also has many restrictions because most traps will also kill the skunk right away. As long as the killing is quick, that would be appropriate.

Many resources devoted to skunk removal will help you understand why poisoning or leaving a skunk to starve may not be a good way to kill the skunks

If you are not comfortable handling the humane killing of the skunks yourself, you need to contact a reliable wildlife removal service and have them come pick up the skunks.

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