How to scare a skunk away

Skunks are quite intelligent, adorable and shy creatures. However, when they spray, it is a whole different story. This is because spraying involves a very powerful odor. Most people dread being sprayed by a skunk, and that is one of the main reasons why they choose to eliminate them from their property regardless of what they are doing there.

Apart from spraying, a skunk can also dig up the ground and leave mounds all over the place as they look for food. This means your lawn may be damaged and your beautiful garden totally spoiled. It is always advisable to deal with a skunk problem as soon as it arises to avoid further mischief in the future.

Fencing is one of the methods that can scare skunks away. Be advised that they are great diggers. This means that you need to erect a fence that is not only above but also below the ground. This ensures that whenever the skunk digs, he will encounter an impenetrable barrier and choose to try his luck elsewhere.

Another option that you can consider is adding more light to your yard. Skunks operate mainly in the night and they don’t really like light. They therefore tend to choose areas that are dimly lit more often than the well-lit ones. Adding some light can actually be a great deterrent. Strobe lights that light up whenever they sense motion can be a great addition to your yard, especially where skunks thrive.

Motion activated sprinklers are also an amazing choice. This is a very safe and effective method to use. It will be safe for you and the animal, and it will also prove helpful to your yard. The sprinklers need to be placed in areas where skunk activity has been noticed.

You may also opt to use one of the many repellents available in the market today. Though effectiveness is not always guaranteed, it may be a short term solution as you look for more long-term ones. Repellents can irritate skunks with touch, smell or even taste. However, making sure that your property is skunk-proof is the only true way to ensure that the problem goes away for good.

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