Do skunks run out of spray??

Skunks are legendary because of their powerful predator-deterrent, which is the hard to remove smelly spray. The spray of the skunk is an oily liquid, and it is produced using the glands found under their large tail. In order to use the scent bomb, the skunk can turn around and will blast the foe with a foul mist which may travel up to 10 feet or three meters. The skunk spray will not cause any damage to the victims, but it will make them feel uncomfortable. The spray can linger around for some days while defying all methods that are being used to remove it. This spray is very effective and predators will think twice before they try to eat the skunk.

The spray of the skunk will not cause permanent blindness since the eyes will tear up faster in order to remove the residue that this spray substance may have. The skunk has a limited supply of the defensive spray, so they will not spray without provocation. The striped skunk is able to spray five to eight times in a short time before they run out. It will take close to a full week for their bodies to be able to recuperate enough to have more spray that will be available as a defense method.

The striped skunk will try to scare away the threat first through stomping of the feet, and this will be followed by charging in the direction of a threat. When these methods fail to work, then they will decide to spray. This takes place when the skunk faces the same direction as their rear and they will bend in the middle so that the face and rear will face in one direction. They are going to arch their back and erect their tails in order to spray. The glands are found on the opposite sides of the interior of the anus.

The spotted skunk is known to have a more pungent spray compared to other species of skunk, but as recorded by the experts, they are not likely to spray and they will choose to run away instead of spraying. But when they decide to spray, it will be hard for the person or the animal that has been sprayed. The spray is musky in its odor, its color is amber and it is oily. The oily composition is what makes it hard to get rid of the odor. You may use home remedies or a store bought substance which will help in removing the odor from objects or pets.

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