Do skunks pose a danger to pets such as cats and dogs?

Skunks love invading the garden and they can pose some danger, especially when there are several other animals within your compound. In some areas, people keep skunks as pets, while in others people see them as a pest and therefore they are unwelcome. The thing that makes people dislike the skunk is because of the foul spray that they use as a defense against their attackers. Whenever a skunk feels threaten, it will definitely spray and the stench can cause temporary blindness if it gets into the eyes.

Threat to pets

One of the things you might notice with some pets is that they can try catching a skunk on the property. However, if that skunk is unlucky enough to get caught, it can spray the fluid and the fluid is actually very hard to get rid of. If the pet is unlucky enough to get sprayed, it will suffer and you will have to work very hard to actually get rid of it completely.

The skunk is capable of digging, and when this happens in the garden, then you will have to deal with ruined crops and a ruined garden in just a matter of seconds. There are various methods that have been suggested to deal with skunks, and one is live elimination and relocation.

Keeping pets safe

It is important to note that skunks and pets can never be friends, and it is critical to make sure that you protect them. You can:

• Keep the pets indoors: if you notice skunks, make sure that pets remain indoors before starting to set traps. The pet could very possibly start an encounter and get sprayed.
• Keep the garden clean: skunks, just like many other animals, prefer an area that has lots of clutter and will definitely stick around if there are logs and some abandoned holes all around your property. This is because they need safe and warm areas where they can nest. Keep the garden free from all kinds of clutter to the best of your ability.
• Seal the holes that could provide access to the building: it is essential that you do a complete house inspection to identify possible weak areas where the skunk could use to gain access. This helps you to avoid any confrontation.

If you prefer not to have a skunk visit, then it is essential for you to be responsible. You might need to practice a whole new lifestyle when it comes to the upkeep of the house and the garden. You need to do a total inspection of the home for all sorts of holes and then let the yard remain as clean as possible.

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