How to remove skunk smell from a house or car

One of the most irritating things about skunks is their spray. It is used as a defense mechanism. The worst part is that the skunk can actually spray anywhere it is, regardless of how clean or well-kept it is. A skunk can actually get into your house or into your car, and when it feels cornered it may release this pungent spray that you will have to deal with long after the skunk is gone. You or your pet can also get sprayed, and you may actually be the source of the smell around your home and your car. Other things can also get sprayed within your property.

When the smell is mild, you may actually be able to handle it by simple aeration of the home. When the smell is stronger, then you will have lots of work to do. You may find that smells that are in carpeting, clothes and fur can actually take months to clear up unless you take action as soon as possible. There are methods that can help.

Vinegar: you will have to create a vinegar solution; usually five parts of water and one part of vinegar will be needed. It works better when the water is warm. The amount you have to mix depends mainly on how much cleaning will be done. This solution works well on towels, blankets, clothes, car seat covers and any other fabrics. Some fabrics may not do so well with vinegar since it is acidic. The fabrics need to be dunked into this solution and left to soak for a few hours. Scrubbing the fabric allows the vinegar to travel deeper into the fabric, thus taking care of most of the smell.

Vinegar can also be placed at different points of the house in case you are not sure where the smell is originating from. The worst smelling rooms should be your point of concentration. Vinegar absorbs the smell.

Aeration: opening windows and letting some sunlight and fresh air in may actually do the trick for your car and house. This can neutralize the odor. Keeping the areas closed only holds the stench within. When you wash clothes, make sure you leave them to dry outdoors. The fresh air and sunlight go a very long way in taking care of the stench.

Fans: running fans within your home and car can also go a long way.

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