How to remove a skunk in the basement, attic, or anywhere in a house

Despite their most repugnant spray, skunks can be very intelligent, shy and totally adorable. However, because of the spray and the odor that is associated with it, most people would rather stay away from a skunk by all means possible. When you realize that there are skunks living within your property, you would do anything humanly possible to make them leave and eliminate the spray threat that they pose

Skunks, like all other animals, need shelter, especially at the times when they are vulnerable. The skunk is nocturnal and therefore only comes out to feed at night. Holes in your yard may be an indication that there are animals living on your property. You may also have odor, upturned plants and damage all over the lawn, and this is a clear indication that there is a skunk problem within your home. If this is the case, you need to remove them as soon as possible.

One of the best methods to get rid of skunks is live trapping. There are different kinds of traps that you can access. The best thing about live traps is that the skunk is not harmed in any way and you simply relocate it to an area where it won’t be a nuisance to anyone else. You need to choose the correct bait and also place the trap in a way that will attract the animal.

Adding light can also help. These animals are nocturnal, so when light is added, they will not be comfortable at all. Skunks tend to prefer the areas that are dimly lit. When you choose to light up areas that have skunks, you will be discouraging them from sticking around and they may actually leave. It is important to seal up holes, apply a good fencing solution, and remove all things that may attract the animals to avoid a repeat of the same in the future.

Motion activated sprinklers can also help to a very great extent. These need to be placed near areas that the skunks love to frequent. Usually, the motion detectors will be able to tell when a skunk is approaching and then will activate the sprinklers. The sudden noise, motion and water spray will definitely tell the skunk it’s not wanted.

Repellents can also work to some extent, but usually they are not a long-term solution.

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