How to get rid of skunks without killing them

If you have a problem with skunks, you need to find out how you can eliminate them safely and without hurting them. You need to be responsible when dealing with any kind of wildlife. In some cases, it is possible for one to deal with a skunk issue without having to trap the animal in question. For instance, you can choose fencing as a solution. This can be erected around the property so that skunks won’t be able to gain entry. If you have a cage trap, you need to ensure that it is set within a shaded area, and then you should relocate the captured skunk in the soonest possible time. Do not poison skunks. It is inhumane.

In order to get rid of skunks without necessarily killing them, you will need a well sized cage trap. Make sure it is large enough to hold the animal without limiting it too much. You need to select a trap that is of the highest standards and quality to be able to trap the skunk effectively.

The traps need to be set in the areas where you have noticed skunk activity. You can use cat food or marshmallows to serve as bait. It is important to ensure that the traps you are using are free of scent and they should be level to the ground. You need to make sure that the traps are set in the shade.

When you successfully trap a skunk, make sure you relocate it around 10 miles from where you captured it. You need to check on the local laws regarding trapping and relocation of wild animals to avoid breaking any laws.

If there is a skunk under a shed, deck or other structures, it is important that you install steel mesh all around the perimeter. It is important to plunge it to the ground with the mesh sloping outwards. This will discourage the skunk from digging and gaining entry into your property.

If you don’t feel too confident about dealing with skunks yourself, you should contact a professional wildlife removal service provider who will take care of the problem for you with great ease.

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