What kind of damage do skunks cause under a house?

Everyone who has had to deal with skunks understands the problems that may be caused by the skunk odor, and it can be unbearable sometimes. There is a risk of being sprayed by a skunk that may be living under or near your home, and it is important to use an effective removal solution at once or you may experience increased ill effects.

When skunks are found on a property, it is common for them to take shelter under a porch or house. When there are skunks under your home, they are likely planning on making it their permanent residence, especially if it is in the cold months and they can burrow to hibernate under the home or porch.

Skunks can tear the foundation vents in order to gain access to crawl spaces. They can dig under a vent or they may gain access to the panels to get under a home. When you find holes or tears near a vent screen, you should consider calling a critter control company. They will have the knowledge and experience needed for skunk repair service and they may assist to prevent the skunks from causing even more damage in the future. Skunks may also be a nuisance for home gardens and it is good to keep the garden fenced in so the skunks cannot get access to the plants.

Many people will be concerned if the skunk takes up residence near or under the home because the potential of the skunk to spray is very high. Domestic animals and people run the risk of antagonizing the skunk to the point of it spraying, and the resulting spray may linger for some days before it reaches a level that can be tolerable.

The skunk is also a digger and it can damage the yard like other burrowing animals. A skunk can make a burrow under the house, and it may lead to damage to the plumbing or electrical work. When they have a home under a house or porch, they will start to reproduce in that place and some may die there, and this will lead to a smell that cannot be easily managed. You should also be aware that skunks are sometimes carriers of rabies, and they are the number one carrier in most states. All of this potential damage that skunks can cause when living under your home is the reason why a skunk problem should be handled as quickly as possible.

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