How do you know if you have a skunk under your shed or porch?

Skunks are most often identified by their striped bodies and their behavior of spraying a foul smelling liquid on anyone or anything that they consider to be a threat. As with other animals, there is a human-animal conflict with skunks and they can infiltrate your home and make it their own. They love burrowing and so you might find a skunk living under the porch or shed. As is the reaction with many people, your greatest desire might be to get rid of the animal as soon as possible and get your home back.

It is easy to tell when there is a skunk living under the porch or the shed. You may notice that the soil has been moved because the animal loves to make burrows.

The other thing that can tell you that there is indeed a skunk under the shed or porch is the smell. Skunks have a smell that is totally distinct and you may be able to smell it around the property. This can be a clear indication that you have a visitor within your compound. You will be able to smell the skunk even before you can spot it.

Their looks are also very distinct. They are about the size of an alley cat and their white stripe running from the nose down to the tail is a trademark. If you have an idea of how the animal looks, then you will not have a hard time identifying it.

You can also know that there is a skunk living under your shed or porch if you see it physically. Usually, you may see it as it moves around looking for food or as it enters the burrow.

You may also see strange droppings around the compound. Seeing droppings may not help in identifying that there is a skunk living there, but it can be a sure way of telling you that there is a wild animal living in your property.

The most humane thing to do once you realize that you have a skunk problem is to trap and relocate it. Live trapping is always advisable. You should always set the traps in a way that they will most definitely be effective. You may need an expert for this kind of exercise.

Always try your best not to create conditions that will definitely encourage skunks to live within your compound. Clean the yard, and also secure the garbage cans as best as you can.

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