How to get skunks out of window well

One of the issues that you may face if your window wells aren’t covered is that skunks can very easily fall into them and they may not be able to get out. This can be a rather frustrating thing for you and you may have a hard time encouraging the animal to get out. The fact that the animal sprays a very pungent smelling substance makes it even harder to deal with once it is in such a position. A skunk can spray several times consecutively and the substance can cause itching and temporary blindness were it to get into your eyes.

The situation is made even worse by the fact that skunks are actually very poor at climbing. Many of the window wells are made of metal that has been corrugated and they are also deep in nature. A skunk therefore may have very little chance of climbing out of this position by itself and it may need some help to get out successfully.

Allowing the skunk to try

The first approach you can try is to allow the little animal to try climbing out all by itself. This is one of the suggestions that most people will offer you, and you can place something into the well to assist them. You may use a plank and give the animal a chance to climb out willingly. This is something that may work in a few of the cases. There are some factors that affect how successful the approach really is. And they include the time that the skunk has spent in the well. If the skunk is given a chance to climb out a short time after falling into the well, it may be willing to climb out. When a lot of time has passed, the animal will most certainly be stressed, hungry and dehydrated and may not be willing to try.

The angle of the well also matters. Steep angles will make it hard for the animal while a lower angle is much more encouraging.

When the plank used has a great grip, the skunk will have a better chance of climbing out by itself.

Getting the skunk out yourself

You may give the skunk a chance to get out but it completely refuses. You should start thinking of ways to get it out personally. This is the part where you may call in an animal trapper who is experienced with nuisance animals to make sure that the removal is completely scent free.

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