How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove skunks without trapping them

Using a one way door is one of the best ways to get skunks and other wildlife out of a building or home. This will only work if skunks have made their way into an enclosed space on your property. When there is a skunk living near your home, it is possible that there may be a nest of babies nearby, so this will require special consideration. Sometime using a one way door is more complex than just setting up traps.

The one way door is put over the hole or holes that skunks use for entering and exiting the house. An exclusion device may have wings and flanges at one end. It must be installed exactly according to directions in order to work as intended.

The first step is to find the place where the skunks enter or go out of the house. If there are many holes, some of these holes have to be sealed up and only one has to be left open, and this should be the one which is the most popular. The holes can be sealed by the use of steel screening, and the one way door should be set up on the remaining opening to let the skunks out and not allow them to come back inside. A funnel is the best option to use as an exclusion tool, and it is easy for the skunk to go out through it faster without the possibility of coming back.

Another way of dealing with skunks is to use live cage traps and relocate them afterwards. This is a safe and relatively easy option, and it may help ensure that the skunks do not come back to relocate in another area of your property, as long as you take them a far enough distance away.

You can hire a professional to do this at your place if you are worried about being sprayed or when the law requests you to do it. You may also learn how to prevent skunks from staying on your property. They normally like to live in sheds or under porches or decks that are found near the home. You can install an exclusion barrier around the deck or porch to prevent them from digging under the structure. If it is already too late and the skunks have set up residence, then an exclusion funnel could be an effective solution to your skunk problem.

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