Do mothballs or ammonia help repel skunks?

The best way to remove a skunk is by trapping and removal. You can also choose the exclusion barriers and this will keep the skunks from going under the porch, deck or shed. It is very important that you note that there isn’t a skunk repellent that is totally and fully effective. Trapping skunks isn’t as hard as most people think. The thing that is most dreaded is the fact that you may get sprayed as you try.

You can recognize skunks very easily, especially because of the bold coloring that they have. Many animals camouflage themselves, but the skunk has a coloration that serves as a warning of an attack. It uses the glands that are just below the tail and can spray a scent up to fifteen feet. This is a scent that can burn the eyes and even cause blindness temporarily. The stench is usually too much for most animals and humans to handle.

Use of ammonia and mothballs

No one appreciates the smell of a skunk within their property and it is for this reason that so many people look for the best way to keep them away orto eliminate them completely when thy have already infested. There are some people who go out looking for the easiest way in which to take care of the skunk issue that they find themselves face to face with.

Many people have the idea that mothballs and ammonia can be used in the elimination of the animals. It is said that you should soak some rags in ammonia and throw them into the den or near the area where a skunk is living and this will simply make it move out.

Others claim that if you place mothballs in the den or the areas surrounding, the strong smell will irritate the animal and just encourage it to leave your home.

What you should know is that there isn’t any kind of magic spray or even device that can be used to make skunks go away. However, their spray is real and the stench is unbearable.

Professional wildlife handlers will tell you that they have encountered so many homes that have tried to apply the ammonia and mothball technique only to be faced with total failure. The two will not make the animals move out, so do not even try it out. You will just waste your time and effort for nothing.

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