Will a bat house prevent bats in your home

There are many techniques that you can use to keep bats away from your home if they become a nuisance. However, not all the techniques will work for you based on variable factors like number of bats, species of bats, and their behavior. This is the reason why many homeowners like to ask: can a bat house prevent bats in my home? The answer is a simple no, but it’s still nice to install one to try to curb the situation if it’s getting out of hand. In fact, it can save you the trouble of spending insane amounts of money trying to get rid of bats.

A high quality bat house will always come with tons of information where you can place it, but going through the long manual can be a headache in itself. Therefore, ensure that you place a bat house a height of about 10-12 ft high and in a position where it gets hits by the sun early. Importantly, do not place the bat house near trees where hawks like to hang around. It is a plus if you can use a pole to hold the bat house – if not, go for the isolated trees that do not have many branches.

It is one thing to have a bat house installed and another to attract bats to that very house. If you want to be successful in attracting the bats, see to it that there is enough water and food around. The water source should not be more than ¼ mile away and the insects should be in plenty. You can always tell bats are in the house when you find droppings in it, or you can take time to watch in the evening to see if any animals will exit the house. However, you are advised never to move the house while bats are in it because if they feel threatened they will definitely bite you.

A bat house needs regular maintenance so that it serves its purpose well. You can paint it and ensure that the droppings are removed from the inside. Take note that the best time is during the fall when bats have moved. In this case, you will experience little interference during the entire process. The best things is that bat boxes come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, so you will be able to find one that works best for you.

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