How do I clean bat feces out of my attic?

Bat feces is dangerous and toxic, both for humans and for their houses. Bat feces can carry dangerous infections that will get people sick. It contains toxic matters that affect house construction because they are corrosive for both wood and metal. It is without a doubt that the removal of bat droppings is mandatory and necessary as soon as you get rid of a bat colony from your home and make sure that they can't get back in (sealing shut all the entry points to keep them out). However, it is important to approach this task with necessary precautions and protective measures in order to protect your health as well as the health of anyone that could get in touch with the bat waste.

First of all, equip yourself with the appropriate protective suit, face mask (that will protect both the nose and mouth), rubber gloves and rubber boots. You should get a mask for handling biohazard materials that will safely protect you from inhaling dangerous dust/small particles of bat feces.

Vacuum up dried out feces and put the droppings in a solid garbage bag. Safely shut every full bag so that there is no way feces particles can get out of it accidentally. After you remove the majority of feces, scrub surfaces with an antiseptic solution that will safely remove the remaining parts of feces that got attached onto the surface. Remove parts of the insulation that got defecated on – it is probably at least partially corroded and thus destroyed, so there is no use in cleaning it. It will simply need to be replaced, which is generally a much better solution from the hygienic and construction point of view.

After you have completely removed all the feces, spray the entire space with a special sanitizing solution that will act on a microscopic level and remove any remaining harmful substances from all the corners and small holes.

Once you have completely removed all the bat feces from the house, get it to the garbage bins, making sure that all the bags are safely closed so that no droppings can fall out.

It is recommended to dispose of the clothing and other parts of equipment you used during the cleaning process. If you don't want to get rid of the boots and gloves, make sure to thoroughly wash them with an antiseptic solution to remove any remaining bat feces that have attached to them while you were cleaning.

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