What is the best material to exclude bats?

You heard something flying around in the attic and were bold enough to check it out. Low and behold there are bats in the attic. The first thing you need to do is figure out how they are getting in. Check for holes and look at any screens that might be easy for a bat to break into. If any entry ways are found, they need to be repaired immediately.

Once the items have been repaired you are ready to set up an exclusion device so they can safely leave, but not enter again. Something you could get is poly netting that is a quarter of an inch. This is small enough netting that the bats can safely exit without getting tangled in it. Use brackets to hold it in place, and make sure it is rigged so they will not be able to enter the building again once they fly off.

Really soft window screening will work also. This is best around flat surfaces with the edges tacked down with only a big enough opening for the bats to escape from. You could also make a funnel out of the screening or any soft material. The funnel is better if the hole is a small one so it can easily be set in place.

If you are not sure how the bats are getting in and leaving, then an observation at night will be necessary. This will help you know where the exclusion device will need to be placed. Another good tip is waiting until night before placing the exclusion. This will help to ensure most of the bats have already flown off and they will not be able to get back in when they return.

You will want to monitor the devices at night and make sure they are working. This can be a time consuming task. If after the second night all is quiet, then you were successful, but if you are still hearing them carry on in the attic, then something was not done properly. This now means starting over with the exclusion devices.

Once the exclusion is properly set in place and the bats have all flown away, you will be ready for the next step. Remove the device and immediately seal the hole thoroughly. Once again when you are sealing the hole, the best way to ensure everything is sealed is by doing the task at night with a bright light shining on it.

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