What property modifications will keep down the bat population?

Bats are generally trying to stay away from people, but it is a fact that in some situations they live close to our neighborhoods and homes. In order to keep a bat population away from your home and to decrease it in general, there are certain measures that can be taken in that direction. Making some house changes will help because this will prevent bats from entering your home. On the other side, there are also certain changes you can make in your yard that will help as well.

First of all, start with the house roof and attic. Bats usually enter the attic and the space under the roof because these are areas where they can quietly spend the day until it gets dark. In order to discourage them from this, you should seal all openings and loose shingles that can present an entry point to the attic. There could be a damaged vent or a few of these that can be an entry point as well. Bats are small creatures and they can enter your home through tiny holes. Every opening, no matter how small, should be safely shut.

There is another method to discourage bats from getting into your attic. Bats love to rest in dark and quiet spaces. If you light the attic and keep it bright at all times, they will not feel safe there and will not want to stay there. Some people have even come up with the idea to add some noise as well, turning on a radio in there. Generally, regular visits and usage of the attic will most likely keep the bats away.

If there are lots of bats in your area, it can help to make an alternative home for them, further from your home. This should keep them away as their accommodation can be solved with a bat box (or a few of them). Bat boxes are affordable and easy to locate. This way you will keep the bats away from your attic and your home and at the same time they will still be near, keeping the insect population under control.

Speaking of insects, this is another way to keep the bats away from your area. Insects are the primary food for the majority of bat species. If you minimize the insect population in your area, bats will have too little food and they will eventually leave the area because of that.

In general, keep track of the bat presence and check your house and surroundings regularly. If bats don't have entry points, they will not stay near your home.

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