What to do if you find a dead bat

In a case when you find a dead bat, it is important to contact officials that are in charge of wildlife animals to inform them about the dead bat. Send them an email, submit an electronic report, call them – use any available means of communication to inform the officials of a dead bat. It is important to provide detailed information about the bat species because officials need to know whether it is a protected species. Take a photo and send it to them or describe it the best you can (if you are unsure of its species). If you notice any band or a locating device on a bat, make sure to contact wildlife rehabilitators or state officials about it, because this animal has been tracked by biologists.

When you find a dead bat, first of all it is important to make sure that the bat is indeed dead. In some cases it is possible that the animal is sick or tired, in which case it would be good to contact wildlife rehabilitators so they can come to pick it up, or to get info from them on how to approach the sick bat. If professionals can't come to pick up a dead bat, then you must approach this problem on your own.

In some situations, it might happen that professionals will not be immediately available to provide advice and assistance, in which case you should approach the dead (or sick) bat with caution. This means wearing thick (leather) gloves to pick up a bat. Never grab a bat with your bare hands because you can catch an infection that the dead animal might be transferring. It is also possible that the animal isn't dead actually and it might bite you, in which case you must immediately seek medical help (as in some rare cases, bats are rabid).

After picking up a dead bat with thick leather gloves, place it in a plastic container or a coffee can, safely close the lid and then place it in another plastic bag, which also needs to be safely closed, before disposing all this into the garbage. After completing this removal procedure, thoroughly wash your hands as well as all clothes that might have got into contact with the bat.

Also, if you have found a dead bat somewhere in the house, thoroughly sanitize this area to make sure that anything the animal might have come in contact with is properly cleaned so there is no possibility for disease.

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