What should I do with a bat after I catch it in my house?

Did you know that when a bat is in your house it is usually a youngster that has become lost? They are known for flying into any openings and then hanging around. If there is one flying around in your home, take the time and help it back outdoors. Start by pulling all your doors shut, except the room it is flying around in. Open a window, kill all the lights in the room and shine a flashlight toward the opening in the window. It will follow the light and fly out the window.

If it is light outside, then you will need to be patient and wait for it to land and drift off to sleep. At this time grab a thick pair of gloves and put them on. Quietly creep up to the sleeping bat and gently wrap your hands around it. The key is not to throw the bat into a panic since this is when their instincts will kick in and you could get bit.

Carefully set the bat free outdoors if the weather is not nasty and only during the night. If the bat appears to have issues flying away, then you would need to call animal control. They will be able to see if it is injured and take the proper steps for helping it get well so it can live successfully outdoors again.

Now if you find a bat outside on the ground, then it could be injured or the mother might have dropped it by mistake when moving it. As tempting as it might be, do not throw a container over it. This could harm the creature drastically or even kill it. Remember it is as afraid of you as you are it. Keep an eye on the bat and make sure there is not any other wildlife or house pets lurking around that could hurt it. Once you are sure nothing can harm it, then call the animal control. They will come out and can access if there is damage or if it simply needs to be set back on a tree branch. If the bat is wounded, then they know how to contain it so no more harm will come to it. The professional will be able to take it back to the shelter where proper treatment will be given.

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