How to get bats out of a wall

It is possible for bats to maneuver inside your walls and as they do so, they make squeaking and scratching sounds. If there is a colony living in your space, you will definitely hear them in the walls and there is a reason why this happens.

When you hear the bats in the walls, they may be moving lower or higher within the building so as to find an area which is more comfortable in terms of temperature. Heat will usually rise while the cool air will sink. Bats have their own range of temperature that they consider to be comfortable.

They may also be within the wall because it is an area that can be easily accessed from the attic. They do not typically require too much effort to maneuver within the walls, and this is one of the things that make the walls a perfect corridor for movement.

The bats can also be in the walls due to disorientation. Sometimes the bats can be confused, especially when something has been moved or when the structure has been changed or access points restricted. Baby bats can also crawl and wiggle around and may end up in the walls before they are old enough to fly. The sound may therefore be caused by baby bats as they wait for their mothers.

Getting a professional wildlife control operator can really help with the situation. Such people have reported success with bat removal from homes, government buildings, offices, schools and even churches.

You need to have strong fans on as they will bother the bats in the walls and then encourage them to look for a new area to roost in. You should also seal off the walls’ insides so as to stop the bats from sneaking out of the walls and into the house. They are able to squeeze in spaces that are only half an inch in size. Fiber glass can also be used for insulation and it can really repel the bats.

Naphthalene flakes can be sprinkled along walls in the places that the bats roost. Because of the odor, the bats may move to another area to roost. When there are bats in the walls, it is important to determine whether they are there by choice or if they are trapped. Sometimes you may actually have to make holes in the walls so as to handle the issue within.

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