Will a bright light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on bats?

Bright light and high pitch sound deterrents have been highly recommended for use, especially for people who are dealing with bats in different settings and situations. However, they do not work. There is no way that the bright light and the high pitch sounds can cause the bats to leave the space that they have inhabited.

Regardless of how desperate your situation may be, you should never resort to using these two methods of bat elimination because you will have bitter results. You need to really think about the best solution and seek advice from the experts.

The bright light actually causes a problem of its own. This is because bats are insectivorous and the insects totally love light. It is not unusual to see bugs flying around light over and over again. The bright light is used at night. Bats are nocturnal and this means that they will be up and about looking for food when the lights are on. The light therefore acts as bait for bugs and the bats will definitely have a feast!

Even when the bats are roosting in a dark area and you introduce the bright light, they quickly get used to the light, and eventually they won’t care whether it is there at all. You need to know that some of these bats are actually nursing mothers and they may not be ready to leave the comfort of the space they have invaded for maternity purposes because of some light. You will only end up with high electric bills and a bat problem that won’t go away.

The high pitch deterrent machines don’t work either. If you resort to using them, you will have to invest in a machine. Even though the machine may unnerve the bats at first, they still adapt to it and they continue living within the space as if everything is just normal. These machines are said to be effective in changing the direction of the bats, but if they are already within your home, then they may prove to be totally ineffective.

You should never waste your money or time on methods that you know will totally fail. Bright light and high pitch deterrent machines will only leave you with high power bills and nothing to show for it. Contact a professional as this is the only way to handle a bat infestation. Even for the experts, it can be a rather tricky affair, but with the right tools and experience, they can work magic.

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