How to keep bats out of a barn

Bats in a barn are simply annoying. It is also best to minimize encounters with these mammals as they can spread viruses such as rabies to humans. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to handle the barn bat problem with the tips mentioned below.

Have the right timing: If you choose to get rid of bats during the summer when the babies are born, you are at risk of trapping some weak and vulnerable bats. You may also end up only getting rid of the adult bats, leaving the babies stranded to starve.

Find the access points: It is important to determine the access point of these bats. Where do they come from and how do they leave to look for food? They can get inside holes as small as ½ inch, and this could be hard to find. You will need to be very observant to determine where the access point is so that you can seal it up.

Get rid of the bats from the barn: Once you inspect the area and identify which holes they enter from, you can proceed to the next step – getting rid of them. If there are multiple access points, seal up all but one. Insert a long PVC pipe snugly into the hole. It has to extend a few inches outside.

Make sure the bats are out: Now that the bats have a one way entrance, you need to ensure that these bats are going out of the hole. Seal everything else permanently to avoid further entry in the future.

Alternative ways to get rid of bats: Poisoning the bats is not recommended since you will find it difficult to get rid of all the remains. You should find or create a roosting location attractive enough so these bats don’t get inside your barn because their attention is on the roosting area. Bat boxes on high posts can also be used.

These are some of the simple tips you can use at home when you try to get rid of bats. Remember that these wildlife animals can threaten your family members with the viruses they may carry and they can also attack whenever they are threatened by human encounters. Hence, the best possible way is to find a professional wildlife removal service that can help you get rid of these bats and relocate them to a safer place.

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