Bat urine and urine stain removal

If your property has a large number of bats that were roosted, then you will have to deal with a large amount of guano and urine that will be left behind when you get the bats out. Bats do eat many insects and they have a higher metabolism, and each bat can poop 20 times daily. This means you’ll be dealing with a big mess.

Before you clean up, keep in mind that guano may grow a certain type of fungus that may cause lung disease called Histaplomosis in humans. The droppings smell bad and have an odor which may overpower the entire house. The urine and droppings are corrosive to metal and wood, and they will compromise the structural integrity of a building while the wood will start to rot. The droppings with their scent may lure other insects and animals.

For the entire cleanout and full deodorization, the soiled insulation should be removed. The following are the steps to take. Ensure that the bats have been removed and that the building has been sealed to ensure that no more bats will get inside. Remove the loose droppings at the surface using a vacuum and use an enzyme based cleaner to scrub the entire surface. The insulation that has been soiled has to be removed since it is not possible to clean it. However, if it was not spoiled badly, you may spray it using the cleaner. Fog an entire attic space using a special cleaner. There is an electric atomizer with an enzyme based cleaner of different brands that you can use effectively. A fogger ensures that each nook and cranny has been covered.

If you are not sure what to do with bat waste removal, you should contact the professional who has the right knowledge, equipment, and experience to do the right job with the first attempt.

Besides removing the bat waste and urine; the odor has also to be dealt with since it will continue to linger in the place for many months, even when the bats have been removed successfully. This is even more important if the bats stayed in the building for a long period and the feces and urine from the pests has been accumulating for a long period. If some items in the building have been soiled permanently, the best way to deal with such an odor may be to replace such items like floor boards and ceiling tiles permanently. The problem may be dealt with without compromising the entire structure. Check if your home insurance can help you to pay for some repairs and cleanup of bat urine and urine stains.

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