Will repellents get a bat out of the attic?

When faced with a bat problem, most people will go looking for an easy way out, and that is why so many keep on trying the repellents. So if you are wondering whether repellents will keep bats out of the attic, then the definite answer is a resounding no.

It is important that everyone notes that there isn't anything like a bat repellent which is effective. There is also no deterrent device that can work on the bats and eliminate them completely. There is also no kind of magic bat powder or spray or even bat poison or any other kind of machine or substance whatsoever that can get rid of those bats in your attic. There are so many misleading advertisements that you may see all over the internet about bat deterrents, but none has been tested with satisfying results. You need to be well aware of the fact that repellents won’t work on the bats. It will only be a waste of time and money on your part.

The reason why we waste so much money and time is because we keep on looking for a fix which is easy and cheap. However, for people who have experience dealing with a lot of bat situations, they can tell you that none of those greatly advertised methods will help you. You will waste your time and still end up with bats in the attic.

Many people have tried out the high pitch machines and even mothballs and ammonia, but that doesn’t make the bats leave. Light deterrents have also been applied in many circumstances. The thing with light deterrents is that they can actually make a bat infestation even worse. This is because bugs are attracted to light and, as we all know, bats love bugs and so this attracts them to the light.

There is only one sure way of dealing with a bat infestation in the attic. You need to remove them in a professional way. There is no need to kill them. You may need an expert to carry out the process and carry it out well. One way exclusion is the best way to handle the bats. However, do not exclude them when they are nesting as this may lead to the deaths of the young ones when they are left without food.

As much as you want an easy fix, you need a professional to get rid of those bats within the attic area.

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