Bat facts to think about if you spot a bat in or near your home

When a bat is spotted flying around the house, your first instinct is probably to panic. This is natural, but perhaps if you knew some more about the creatures the panic factor would not happen. They help control the population of insects that fly around during the night. Bats can see rather well since they are not blind. Did you know only a mere one percent of bats are actually carrying rabies? A bat may bite you, but usually it is because they are sick and lying on the ground and you are trying to help out.

Even though all houses do not have bats, if yours does the first thing you want to do is call the wildlife operator. They can come remove the bats properly. If there is not one in your area, then slip your hands in very thick gloves and use the proper net for capturing them. Once the bat is captured, it is recommend to take it directly to the local health department. They will be able to check the bat for any rabies. Even though rabies is rare, it is still a deadly disease. If you get bit by one that does have rabies, it could be too late once the symptoms start appearing.

Bats are totally different than a rat or mouse, so they are not considered a rodent. When it comes to their cleanliness, they are like a cat and are always well-groomed. When urine and guano starts accumulating, that is what will cause the odor you smell. Even though their teeth are tiny, rest assured they can still bite you.

You will not have to worry about a bat landing on you and sucking your blood. Vampire bats are found in South America mostly. Since normal bats live for consuming bugs flying around at night, they are called insectivores. Sometimes you might spot a bat house in the neighbor’s yard. They are actually encouraging bats to take up residency to help control the bugs on their property since they are not really wanting to spray the yard with pesticides.

When outside at night you might be alarmed when a bat appears to be coming your direction. The truth is they couldn’t care less about you, but they would love that mosquito that is buzzing around your body.

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