How to get rid of bats in the attic ?

Bats in the attic are one of the serious problems you may have as a homeowner, and it is complicated to get rid of them. To ensure that you get rid of the bats completely, you should start by determining the type of bats you have. Ensure that there are no baby bats inside and find the way that they are getting in or out. You have to ensure that you have removed the entire colony safely and that the seal up is 100 percent. Then do the clean up for the guano droppings.

However, even if the checklist may look simple, it is complex when it comes to how to do it, and it is also difficult even for the experienced professionals in wildlife removal.

After finding out the way they are entering into your attic, and then use a device that will allow one way out. This will allow the bats to go out but not allow them to come back inside. However, you have to ensure that there are no babies that will be remaining behind while the bats fly out. When the babies are left behind, they may die or they can crawl from the attic and enter into the house. The bats are able to enter even a tiny hole which is at least 3/8 inch. It is important to do the seal up that ensures that it is 100 percent effective. This means that you have to use the right seal up and the right exclusion devices. When you want to set it up on the eave gap, then the funnel is the right method. If it is across a large fascia board, the polynet is the correct option. It is good to have experience when it comes to dealing with the bats, and this is why it is recommended to look for a professional that has experience in bat removal.

The bat colonies wish to roost in a place they are safe, and if they cannot find a cave, they may choose to roost in an attic. Most of the time, if there are babies, it means that it is a maternity colony, and each female bat will give birth to a baby every summer.

However, even if exclusion is the most commonly used method, it does not mean that there is only one effective method to keep the bats out of the attic. Some may try all different methods available until they can find the one that is more effective for them. After making sure that the bats are completely out of your home, ensure that the home is bat proofed to prevent future infestation.

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