What equipment is needed to exclude a bat?

Bats can be seen as a blessing for many reasons like their usefulness to the environment and their handling of the insect population. Bats will often seek shelter within human homes, and you may find even thousands of the animals in the same space. With so many species in different parts of the world, bats are actually creatures that deal with harmful insects, keeping their populations in check. For this reason, you should never try to kill them. There are ways of excluding them without having to end their lives. There is a prohibition in many areas against the use of lethal methods when dealing with bat infestations.

However, the bat population can lead to a conflict between the homeowners and the animals. It is important that this conflict be resolved in a very peaceful manner so as to make a win-win situation for both parties.

It is not recommended that you allow bats to thrive in your own home. It is for this reason that some methods have been developed to get rid of the bats without bringing them any harm. In some cases, people would make a house for the bats on top of their home and allow the animals to live there. However, people with experience will tell you that this method doesn’t work since the animals will still be able to make their way into your home.

Nothing can really stop the bats, but you should make sure that your home is sealed at all times so as to make it an area that is bat free. You need to clean the house of all creatures and there is equipment that can be used.

There are those who suggest the use of repellents to deter the bats, but you need to know that they don’t always work. Ammonia, mothballs, high pitch machines and bright lights have been used without great success.

The only equipment that really works is the one way exclusion device. However, this only works when it is created in the best way and then installed correctly. You will have to seal out all holes except one where you place the device. This device allows the bats to leave the space but will not allow the bat to get back in again. However, the device should never be used during the maternity season because the young ones are flightless. You will have to wait until they are old enough to fly out and then exclude the whole colony, clean the area and seal out the remaining hole.

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