Will a pest control company remove a bat?

There are many reasons why you may need to hire a pest control company. However, it can be dangerous to hire a pest control company when trying to remove bats.

Bats may cause a huge amount of damage to the insulation of your home and other parts of your property, but getting someone professional to remove the animals requires some consideration. For instance, if you decide to use a pest control company, there is a chance that they will use poison to try to remedy the situation.

Not only is poison an inhumane way to kill the bats but also it is not recommended since the poison can actually trap the bats and leave them to die in unknown areas. Regardless of the chemical or the natural pest control they claim to use, it is unwise to employ such a method, especially when removing mammals like bats. It could be the breeding time when the young are not able to fly. Once you use poison and they breathe it in, they may not be able to escape and will die in the attic where they may be hard to find.

If you take your time to research pest control companies, they will claim to use safe methods, but apparently these approaches are not safe at all. They often do an ineffective job because using poisons is not a great solution. It can actually enhance the problem.

Who can find a sign of a bat when it has died due to be poisoned? Bats may find a secluded place to die that you will only discover once the terrible decaying smell leads you to it. The harm does not stop there. There is a residual effect that causes further issues. The poison can affect humans and pets in your house, even when you have vaccinated your dog.

According to the state law, there are rules and regulations to meet when using any approach to kill bats. Be sure that the company you are hiring adheres to these rules. The home environment is supposed to be safe for anyone inside. It cannot be treated as if you are in an agricultural industry where pest control companies use a large amount of chemical products to get the job done. It can be harsh and the results may not be satisfactory.

In short, some pest control companies will help you to remove a bat, but the methods they use may not be very safe or effective.

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