Home remedies to keep away bats and get rid of them

Bats live near humans and they help to keep the bugs and unwanted insects in check. However, there are some risks of living near the bats and many people will try to get rid of them. The following are some methods to try.

Sealant: get hard boards, sealants and netting materials. You can find where the bats reside and monitor their entry zone closely. When the bats leave the place during the night to look for food, you can seal these openings and clean the place. You may use foam rubber, oakum and steel wool in closing such openings.

In case you wish to prevent the bats in your attic, then add some naphthalene balls where the bats were after they move out.

Phenol: the phenol smell can repel the bats and it makes the place unpleasant so that they will find somewhere else to live. You can get phenol at the supermarket and then you may use a bottle to spray it where the bats are found. The technique should be repeated so that the smell becomes stronger for the bats.

Hanging aluminum foil: this will help to produce a chime-like sound; however, they will also bling when the area is lit up. The light and sound can be disturbing to the bats. You can use this technique at the entry points of the bats.

Mirrors: adding mirrors in the place where the bats live can deter them. When you put on the lights, the mirrors will reflect and this will disturb the bats at a certain level. You can use mirror technique to make sure that the bats go away.

Water spraying: if you want to spray water, then you will need to have a long nose pipe. You can spray water at the bats during the time they roost. Even if this may disturb them, they will not be harmed.

Mechanical repellent: some say that using ultrasonic sound will keep away the bats, but it may not be too effective. The attics can also be cooled down through using fans to make a temperature that is unsuitable to bats.

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