Will a bat in the attic have a nest of babies?

One thing you should note about an issue with bats in the attic is that it is never an easy task to deal with, especially in cases where you do not have any kind of experience. You may need some sort of training with experts in order to be able to deal with bats in the best and most humane way. The best way you can go about bat eviction is live exclusion. This is the most humane and acceptable mode of bat removal in most places.

When you discover that there are bats in the attic, you should be aware of the fact that most of the time they may be mothers with young ones. This is the case in most of the situations where there are bats in the attic, but not all the time. When you are aware of this fact, you will be sure to do a thorough inspection of the attic before you seal it out. Leaving the young when they are so small and defenseless will mean a sure death for them and a stink in your house.

You first need to verify that there is indeed a bat issue in the attic. You need to find where the bats are entering and exiting the attic. You may notice noises, droppings and a smear in the paint where they enter the attic. Also, you may be able to see them visually as they enter and exit the attic.

Bats love the artic because it is warm, dry and safe from predators. Sometimes they will choose to roost there in the cold months. However, to be able to know whether there are young ones or not, you need to consider the time of year it is. Most of the time, depending on the location, they give birth from April to early June. Usually, they will not give birth in the cold months but are capable of holding back fertilization until the environment is favorable enough to give birth to their young.

Also you will notice that when it is around the season, the bats usually come together to create maternity colonies. Therefore, you may be dealing with lots of baby bats in the attic. It is better to wait it out and let the bats grow strong enough to fly out on their own before you start the live exclusion.

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