How to remove bat feces from concrete

Guano is a term used for bat feces or bat dung. Bat guano has fungal spores which may lead to histoplasmosis and it can be fatal to humans. The histoplasmosis may affect humans who breathe in the fecal dust matter. When you want to remove bat feces, you should make sure that you are fully protected by wearing boots, full face respirators, suits, goggles, rubber gloves and hard hats.

You should start by wetting down the area using an ultra low volume fogger. The fogging can kill anything that will be flying around that may end up affecting people. You should open the window and vent the attic to reduce negative air pressure. It is good to draw air outside and not inside of a structure. Use germicidal cleaner concentrate on the guano while someone else scoops the guano into the plastic bags. Figure out the place where you will dispose of the guano before the cleaning process.

Before the cleaning process starts, you have to remove the bats and seal off their entry points to ensure that they will not return to the place. It is not allowed to harm or fumigate the bats when you try to keep them away from the home. It is also not recommended to seal the home during the night while the bats go out for hunting.

When you are sure that the bats will stay out, then the entire clean-up process should start. Since there are health problems that are associated with guano, you should be careful while cleaning up or call a professional to do this for you. You have to start by removing the loose guano, and then the hard surface has to be scrubbed using an enzyme based cleaner to ensure that the guano has been removed completely together with the urine stains.

If the insulation does not have guano in it, you may spray it using an enzyme cleaner. But if the insulation has been contaminated by guano, it has to be pulled away and replaced. It is good to wet the guano down so that the pores do not become airborne. At the end, you should use an atomizing mist machine which produces a fog cleaner to clean hazardous materials to ensure that you reach every place. The enzyme cleaner makes sure that there is no organic matter that is being left from the bats, and it eliminates the pheromones that have been left behind by the bats which may attract new ones to the place. When all steps have been taken carefully, the place will not be a health hazard anymore.

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