Do mothballs or ammonia help repel bats?

The topic about repellents and wild animals has been discussed over and over again. The fact that people are still being misled into buying deterrents comes as no surprise since everyone just wants to get rid of the animals at all costs. One of the nuisance animals that you may have to deal with are bats. They commonly infest the attics in our homes because it offers a cozy and safe place to roost and to give birth and raise their young ones. You should never try to exclude the bats during summer as this is the maternity season. The young bats are still flightless and will remain in the attic. Exclusion during this period is illegal.

If you are wondering how you will get rid of the bats that are pestering you, it is important that you seek the correct kind of advice from an expert. An expert will be able to survey your home and give you recommendations for long-lasting solutions.

If you are thinking about using mothballs and ammonia, don’t. There isn’t any magic device or spray that will actually make your problem melt away. There are so many companies out there that are coming up with all sorts of repellents that are said to work magic with bats. Don’t be misled. They don’t really work.

One of the old wives tales suggests that you should use ammonia and mothballs to repel bats. Usually, the ammonia is recommended to be soaked in rags and then thrown in the area infested by bats. This is a method that has been tested and failed miserably. Even though the strong smell of the two can be disturbing to the bats at first, they get used to it very fast and then they don’t care anymore. There are so many removal professionals that are available and you should seek one that will address the issue at hand and take care of it as fast as possible.

The smell caused by the two deterrents can also be disturbing to your family and pets, and this can cause you great discomfort within your own home. They are also not economical. Due to their nature, they need to be changed time after time. Like in the case of ammonia, you will need to change the rags as they lose the strong smell that the substance possesses. This means a lot of cash and inconvenience on your part. Live exclusion is the only true solution.

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