Do rats sleep in the day?

Bats are mammals that have been given the capacity to fly. Some people believe bats are a bad omen, especially if they come into the house. For this reason, many people prefer that bats stay away from their homes. Bats are important to the ecosystem because they keep the population of bugs in check. However, they can be a nuisance due to the noise they make when they roost. Also, bats have been known to carry diseases that can be fatal to man. It is important to note that killing bats is inhumane and illegal in most parts of the world. Getting rid of them is also quite a task, especially because they can be rather aggressive in some scenarios. There are methods that can prove helpful when you want to get rid of bats fast. They include:

Inspection: this has to be the first step. If there are bats roosting in any part of the house, you need to inspect the entire house looking for the possible entry points that they are using. You will also need to inspect the area of the residence and the kind of damage that you will have to deal with eventually. You need to find all the outlets and the entry points. Don’t ignore the small points since they too can be used by the bats. In this process, you will be able to locate the hole that serves as the primary exit and entry point. You should then seal out all the other holes and leave the last one open.

One way exclusion devices: you now need to install the one way exclusion devices in the primary entry and exit points. These have to be installed perfectly to make sure that the bats are able to go out as naturally as possible at night. However, they should not be able to get back in again. Usually the bats will go out at dusk and they will be back at dawn.

Checking the brooding area: after the bats fly out, check the area to be sure that no bats are still within. When you have confirmed this, you need to seal off all the remaining primary entry and exit points.

Nesting bats: if you have baby bats in your home, do not use the one way exclusion devices because the young ones will not make it. It is humane to leave the bats be until the little ones are old enough to fly.

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