Should I relocate a bat?

If you find a bat, you do not want to relocate them. Even though you might consider them dangerous, they are only hanging around to munch on all the bugs flying in the air. If for some reason they find their way into your home, here are some helpful tips for helping you proceed.

Usually a bat will fly into the home if they are ready to have babies. One thing is for sure, though – after winter is over and they come out of hibernation, they have a tendency to return to the same area they were at during summer months the year before. Even though it is hot outside, a bat still likes to find a hotter place for roosting. This is why they tend to be attracted to roofs or even attics in homes.

You might only spot one or two bats for a period of time. Eventually their population will grow since they are known to concentrate more in certain areas. When this happens, you will be tempted to trap them and relocate them to a different spot. Unfortunately this will not be a permanent solution for you or the bats. The bats were drawn to your yard for a reason and until you can figure out what it is, they will always find their way back.

If there are not a vast amount of bats, then be patient and wait for fall to arrive. When fall comes they will spread their wings and fly away. This is the perfect time to check the area they were living in thoroughly. Look for holes that need repaired and handle it. If all the holes are located and sealed off, then the bats will not be able to enter the dwelling upon their return.

Remember bats are there keeping the bug population down. If this is not a problem for you, then install a bat home. It is best to have a conversation with the game commission to find out how to go about setting one up. Since they like their dwelling to be hot, make sure there is direct sunlight shining on their new home for at least six hours every day. This will keep them content so they do not try coming into your home.

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