What if a bat got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc.?

If you find that there is a bat inside the house like in the kitchen, the bedroom and so on, you need to get it out immediately. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is not to panic. When you panic, things get worse because you will not have a clear mind to deal with the issue at hand. You will need to be smart about everything if you are to be successful in dealing with the bat problem. This is what you do:

• Try as much as you can to confine the bat in a room. The smaller the room, the better. The most preferred room is one that has a window and a door leading to the outside. You can keep the door and window open as there is a chance that the bat will take the escape route and leave the house. The odds of another bat coming in are rather thin.

• If the bat is not able to fly out for any reason at all, you may choose to sit and watch it. There is a great chance that you won’t be attacked. When it settles down, you can drape a cloth or a towel over it and then take it outside where you set it free.

• A plastic container can also be used on the bat. You can then slide a hard piece of paper between the floor or wall and the container and then move the bat outside.

• You shouldn’t try to get it with a tennis racket or net. You may find this a rather difficult thing and you may even injure the animal. This may also cause an attack. You need to wait for the bat to land before you try anything.

It is a different story when there are bats living within the house. There are various ways of dealing with this, but if it is only a single stray bat, dealing with it can be a simple thing.

Having a bat in the house can be a really disturbing thing because of the health risks that have been associated with the animals. This is something that should be avoided at all costs. Always keep your doors and windows closed if there is a bat issue within your area. Keeping all the holes in the roof and attic area closed at all times will reduce the chance of having a colony living with your home. Sometimes the bats can crawl through walls or the chimney and eventually find their way into your home, causing an even greater issue. Handling the infestations before they get serious is the only true way to protect yourself and your home.

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