What equipment is needed to exclude a pigeon?

When you have pigeons in your home, your concern may be how to get rid of them without harming yourself or harming the birds. The problem is that most traditional methods used to remove pigeons are not that effective, and unless you want to call the exterminator to use humane methods for you to keep pigeons away, then there is no guarantee that these pigeons are not going to came back.

One method used is pigeon spikes, and this is a roof modifications that can prevent pigeons from landing on the roof, but the pigeons may decide to land on another spot on your property. If you want to exclude the pigeon successfully, you should use the following equipment.

A one way funnel is used when the pigeons are in your home. You put this funnel where they enter and exit. When the pigeons pass through the wide end, they will not be able to come back in. The narrow exit may also lead to a cage where you can capture them. After capturing them, you may take them away.

The spikes are important when it comes to eliminating the pigeons. You only have to place the anti-pigeons spikes where the pigeons like to be and leave them in place. The spikes make sure that the pigeons do not land down, but if the pigeons land unknowingly, they may be killed. They will then have to be removed and cleaned before they can be reset again.

Electronic mesh is used to keep animals away from areas as well. The right type of mesh has to be used and the pigeon will be electrocuted when it steps on it. However, it is important to use the right current to ensure that the pigeon will only be sent away and will not die.

Water sprinkler jets are important if you wish to scare the pigeon away from a building or wall. You can just switch on the water and the pigeons will quickly leave. However, this method cannot be used inside since items may be damaged.

If you want to use the wire mesh, it is available in rolls or in panels and suppliers may offer to make customized panels. The wire mesh is available in plastic coated, stainless steel and galvanized options. The plastic coated mesh is between the galvanized and stainless steel options.

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