What areas can pigeons enter a house through?

Pigeons are very attracted to human properties because they provide excellent shelter and location for nesting as well as great source of food. Basically, human house has everything one pigeon needs to satisfy all of his needs so it so no wonder that they will try to enter your home.

Now even though at first you might feel sympathy and even positive emotions towards having birds in your home, consider this again. Pigeons are pests because they will eat everything they encounter and create huge amounts of poop. Pigeon poop is incredibly difficult to clean and acidic in nature which means that in time it can eat through metal. Bad smell and possible infections are just another layer on this pile of problems that comes with pigeons on your property.

When it comes to possible entrance points, keep in mind that pigeons can get through holes as small as 2 inches in diameter. They will first use points such as windows, attic, balcony and porch, cracks in walls and around window and door edges, chimneys without caps.

Opened window is the easiest entry point and pigeons will use every such easy opportunity to get to food and possible nesting location. Pigeons know very well what hides behind opened windows and doors, so it is always good to have safety net across windows and doors. This is especially through if opened window leads to attic, their favorite location for nesting. Attic is quiet and secluded and opened attic window will enable them to easily enter and go out for nesting material such as twigs and later on, to go out to find food for chicks.

Opened doors on patio and balcony are both excellent entry point and excellent location for feeding. And lets us remind you once again, where pigeons eat they also poop and where there is pigeon poop, there is lots of mess, dirt and damage. Pigeon poop causes several hundred to several thousands of damage and there were even cases where entire roof collapsed in because of acidic pigeon poop has eaten through construction.

If you leave opened doors of garage you can expect some unwanted guests: pigeons love to nest in darker garage corners, where you might not expect them. They will build a nest in no time, and it might be too late to remove it when you notice it.

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