Will repellents get a pigeon out of the attic?

A pigeon problem is something common for property owners and business managers throughout the world. A pigeon infestation is the result of pigeons being able to adapt easily to the human environments. If you have pigeons, it is advised not to try to remove the pigeons on your own since most of the time you might not succeed. Getting rid of pigeons successfully will require skills, imagination and expertise. You will not find a simple spray-on remedy or any magic bullet to get rid of the pigeon faster.

Pigeon repellents are used to make the roosting place inhospitable, and they will not harm the birds in any way. These products are found in liquid or gel form and they can be hot, sticky or soft. It is believed that when the pigeons come and they find the place inhospitable they will leave on their own. Such products are normally cheap and anyone can buy them and then use them. However, the problem is that they will not always work and they can turn out to be completely messy.

There are many products like spooky owls, noisemakers or lasers. They are said to work but there is no single publication or expert who has endorsed them. Even if they can lead to some results, these results will be temporary, and if the pigeons adjust to them, you will have to throw them away. If the place is beneficial to the pigeons where they can find a roosting place, water and food easily, they try to ignore your tricks.

If you have a gun and you think that you can shoot them and others will go away, you should not try this, especially if you are in a town. In rural places, you may shoot the pigeons using pellet guns. The pigeons are not protected birds, but shooting will not solve the problem if the pigeons are in a large number.

You may also try to use pigeon control spikes where the pigeons land, but the pigeons will only move to another place where there are no spikes.

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