Should I ever poison a pigeon?

Pigeons are known to be fun and cute and people feed them. However, when pigeons are roosting on your house or near your property, they can be troublesome and they may cause problems because of their nests and droppings.

Many ask themselves how they can poison pigeons, but using poisoned bait is not the best idea. This is because poisoning may lead to even more problems. The poisoned pigeon can be eaten by other wildlife or a household pet and it will kill the unintended animal. In many countries, using poisoned bait has to be controlled with a specific license and it has to be applied according to the application. The poison is capable of killing any bird that eats the bait. When it is digested by the pigeon, it affects its central nervous system and it causes many hours of symptoms that look like that of epilepsy. It is also good to consult with the bird control companies before using these products. However, there is no reason why you should kill the pigeons since it is possible to deter them using special products.

Shooting is a method that may also be used to kill pigeons, but it takes time and it is more possible in rural places. The shooting has to be done by an experienced marksman that should be able to kill the bird using only one shot. You should not leave behind injured pigeons. They can be affected by diseases and parasites.

If you do not want to poison the pigeons but you also need to get rid of them, you should consider the most effective method of getting rid of them. Since the pigeons live in packs or flocks, it is a puzzle to get rid of them. The use of a surface repellent is the best way to keep the pigeons away. Since the pigeons have sensitive legs, you can use products that give a pricking sensation, and the birds will give word to the followers to go somewhere else. Pigeon gel may be used on beams, rafters, ledges and sills or other places where the pigeon may wish to land or to roost. The products that use reflective colors and a bright shaft will do a better job in keeping the nuisance birds away. These products are cheap and their effects are immediate. They chase away the pigeons using natural sounds and light so that your property can be protected from bird damage. It is a set and then forget bird repellent product, and you do not have to remove it many times.

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