Do I have to relocate the pigeon

Most of the time, the answer to this question is no. Among the things which pigeons have been known for is that they are able to get back to their old home. Pigeons have a navigation method which many experts are trying to learn about. Scientists who are working on this theory want to know how pigeons map out the nesting areas using low frequency sound. This is the way they get back to the old spot, even if they have been released in a far off place. Sometimes the pigeons can be lost since there is no fool proof navigation method, but their method will work often and they miss rarely.

When it comes to dealing with pigeons, the best way to do it is to deter them instead of trying to chase them away if they have been ensconced into your eaves happily. You should seal off the access that can be made into nesting places. You can find many methods to use to achieve this.

Wire mesh may be inserted in and over a problematic area so that the pigeon will not be able to enter inside. You can also remove the water or food in the place, which makes everything hard to access, making the pigeon want to go away. When you take away all the benefits, even stubborn pigeons will end up relocating and not facing the hassle of trying to survive in such an area.

When this is not one of the available options, then you may try other methods available to force the pigeon to go away. You can find many deterrents at the market, and they include fake owls or falcons. They may be set outside of the preferred nesting space so that they may think that they have a predator behind them. Putting down the spikes also helps out. The spikes are normally visible to the birds and they will stop them from roosting in that place. They are also a deterrent to many people. Since the research suggests that pigeons may use low frequencies in navigating, it can be worthwile to get a pest deterrent unit to deviate low frequencies. You can find some units at the market that promise to repel even the pigeons that are most persistent.

When you have tried everything and failed, then kill the pigeon. It is most effective way that you can make sure that you get rid of pigeon completely, but it is still questionable. You should never use poison. You may kill or contaminate other species, and shooting pigeons is only allowed in the rural places since it puts people at risk when it is done in a populated area.

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