What is pigeon shock track?

A pigeon shock track system is a low profile and minimalistic tool that is the best solution in preventing pigeons from nesting, roosting or landing on the surface of structures or building ledges. It delivers a startling yet harmless electric shock. The systems are a popular option if the structural aesthetic is an important factor for the property.

Using the shock track is better compared to using physical barriers since it protects the architectural integrity of a building; it is minimalistic and effective solution. It is easy to maintain and it is user friendly.

The shock track system may be installed on different surfaces in order to repel most types of pest birds even when the infestation is high. If the bird walks or lands on the track, it gets a shock to tell it that it is not welcomed at that place and that it has to be avoided. The negative reinforcements change the behavior of the birds. The shock trap is safe for people, pets and birds. If you are using a line charger with the system, you have to make sure that the charger has a low level of charge and it will not kill the pigeon.

Pigeon control is a costly problem nowadays for property managers and owners. There is a high cleanup bill for removing the birds and bird droppings from the walkways, awnings, windows and signage. Other damage happens to the skylights, solar panels, ventilators and AC units that may be damaged or clogged because of bird droppings and their nesting materials. Restaurant owners and other people who deal with food will face a possible shut down if the droppings are found on the property. The good news is that there is a solution to the pest bird problem.

With the shock track, you will be teaching the pigeon not to land on or nest in the unwanted place. There is a unique charged track which imparts a mild electrical shock if the bird lands on it. The shock cannot harm the birds, but it may teach them to avoid such a place.

The track is recommended for the places where the pigeons like to roost or perch, including parapet walls, rooflines and ledges with a curved or flat surface. Besides keeping away the pigeons, it will also keep away other types of birds like crows, starlings, gulls, sparrows and pigeons.

The shock track is found in different options. There is a flexible and electrified shock track roll used as a bird deterrent, and this may be installed on different surfaces to repel pest birds. The wires are connected to the charger and they will join on the separate runs to make the track. They are easy to strip, cut and crimp.

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