What type of damages might a pigeon make in an attic?

Pigeons are known to make a terrible mess when they enter into your attic. The droppings may cause damage on the air conditioning equipment and on industrial machineries. Pigeons have been found to make their way into the attic of an apartment, restaurant and house. They can then create nests there. When they create these nests, they bring inside flammable materials and debris which put the house at high risk of fire outbreak.

Pigeons use leaves and small twigs to make the nests, and together with their own droppings, they may lead to damage in an attic, including:

- Damage on the roof
- Damage with industrial machineries
- Fires
- Blockage of the ventilation system
- The damage to finishing or paints
- Collapsing the ceilings

The pigeons are able to enter in the attic using small openings, and it may lead to breakage of the areas which have not been sealed. They can then make a home in the chosen place; they choose a place where they can make a nest and places where they are able to dispose of waste materials. There is a weight from the pigeon droppings and the nest building materials that may become too heavy, and they may add pressure on the ceiling or the roof and it may collapse in the end.

When the pigeons get access to the attics, they may find a way to reach to the chimney and they will make the nests there. While doing this, they may block air flow that enters into the system, and it may lead to an increased chance of the airborne diseases that are a result of the droppings of a pigeon. Blocking the ventilation system in an attic will lead to the buildup of carbon monoxide in a home.

Feathers, dry droppings, straw and twigs from the pigeon are considered as one of the factors that put the house at risk of fire accidents both around and in attics. In case the pigeon has built the nests near electrical appliances or insulators within the attic, the house is put at high risk of fire. Many companies that deal with electrical appliances blame electrical fire repairs mostly on the bird nests in attics.

Damage that happens at the roof is common if the birds are active inside an attic. They will build the nests in the corners of the roof where the drains have been installed. The problem will lead to high cost of repairs for both the private homes and warehouses.

When pigeons’ activities have not been controlled within an attic, then damage may increase the renovation cost by thousands. It can also reduce the value of a home.

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