What is the best material to exclude pigeons?

Wire mesh is a product that has been used widely in different places, but it is often used as an exclusion device for nuisance birds, including pigeons. The nylon bird netting is considered the standard for bird exclusion in the community, and it is usually recommended over its stainless steel and galvanized counterpart. The wire mesh is found in different varieties of many sizes or gauges, and they suit most bird exclusion operations. It should be used in places where the aesthetics are not too much of a concern.

Wire mesh installation is used as a bird control product because it offers a way to protect rail road bridges, railways and underside canopies from nuisance birds like pigeons. The wire mesh is preferred in areas that are difficult to access where longevity is the issue and not the aesthetics. The problem with the wire mesh is that it is more visible compared to its nylon counterpart, and it is heavier compared to the nylon netting.

The stainless steel mesh is expensive, but the benefit is that it will last for a long time. It also looks better than galvanized mesh. The galvanized mesh is an all-purpose, cheap mesh which comes with a limited lifespan according to where it is used. Salt can speed up its corrosion process.

The plastic coated mesh is found between the galvanized and stainless steel options and it has an increased lifespan over that of the galvanized mesh; however, it is normally robust and aesthetically pleasing like the stainless steel mesh. The advantage of the plastic coated mesh is that it can be found in different colors, and this ensures that it can easily blend with the color schemes or architecture of the site or building in concern. The problem with the plastic coated mesh is that this coating increases the diameter of every strand of the wire and it makes the wire more visible.

The wire mesh that should be used for excluding nuisance pigeons can be sold in many gauges that range from 19-gauge to 10-gauge. The best gauge is 19-gauge, and it is a malleable mesh which may be easily formed around the structure, and it can be cut using wire snips. To make a permanent installation under bridges or canopies where the pigeons like to land, the best mesh to use is 10 or 12 gauge.

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