Will Alka-seltzer and rice kill pigeons?

You will find many old tales that have been handed down by one generation to another about how you can eliminate the pests in your house. The following are some of the top tales that have been told.

Some people say that when the pigeons eat dry or uncooked rice, then the rice will start to mix itself with the juices of the stomach and will expand within the stomach. When there is no way that the pigeon is able to get rid of too much food in the body, then it is going to explode. You should take time to consider first if there is any time that you saw a pigeon that had exploded. In case the pigeon had no mechanism of getting rid of the extra food in the body, then there would be too many birds blown up in the place. Another thing is that the pigeons will not refuse a meal even if they feel full.

Like other animals, nature has given birds but the ability of vomiting or regurgitating. This is normally how the mother bird will feed its babies. It has been seen on TV when the nature shows have aired, and you may have thought that it is something gross and that you are happy that you are a person. This is why having too much food in the stomach will not upset the pigeon. Besides the ability of purging extra food, like all animals, the stomach may stretch. You should think about the competitive eaters who eat over a hundred hot dogs or buns. The stomach will stretch in order to keep all this extra food. This is why the rice can only make a pigeon feel uncomfortable up to the time it may throw up.

This is the same case with Alka-Seltzer. It is said that the pigeon may get full because of gas, and when it cannot expel it, it can explode. However, with this same case, nature has helped the pigeon. As already said, the pigeon is capable to vomit and the pigeons are capable of burping. The pigeon may burp as humans do. The stomach can expand and then hold gas up to the time it can be expelled using the burp. The gas build up, even if it may be uncomfortable, will just be as dangerous as mild stomach pain.

In case you have a problem with pigeons and you would like to chase away these messy and noisy creatures, you should learn how to do this. However, none of these methods will involve putting dry and raw rice outside or a spoonful of Alka-Seltzer.

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