About pigeon bird netting to keep them away

When it comes to pigeon netting and bird netting, there are normally two types. Some netting may be used in order to protect plants, newly seeded areas or trees from other birds or pigeons. The netting may also be used on buildings, and it is good to consider the available options before making the decision.

The pigeon netting and nylon bird netting may be used extensively as a bird exclusion device in order to protect agricultural crops and buildings. The pigeon netting and the nylon bird netting may be seen on buildings in cities or towns and around the entire world where there is a need to exclude pigeons. Nylon netting is used on a building where there is a need to protect the building while at the same time blending into the aesthetic quality of the building. Farmers use the bird netting most of the time as a physical exclusion device in order to protect their fruit crops, and in some cases this can be complimented with bird scarring methods.

The bird netting can be used in excluding a number of species, and this includes starlings, sparrows, gulls and pigeons, but each netting gauge is different for every bird species. For the pigeon, a gauge of 2 inches is needed, for gulls 4 inches, and for sparrows ¾ inches. The hole should be small enough to prevent the species that are being targeted from entering the area that has been netted.

The nets used in the agricultural sector vary in the type or size depending on the crop that should be protected. There are at least two types of pigeon and bird netting, which are extruded and oriented nettings. They are made using polypropylene or polyethylene material. The oriented netting has been stretched within controlled conditions in order to produce a high tensile or lightweight bird net, and it is normally used where there is a need to use horizontal netting. The applications can include pond and crop coverings, protection against predators and nuisance birds, or protection against light airborne debris. The extruded netting is normally used in a vertical application. The two types of netting are available in different sizes. The oriented netting is the most commonly used, and it is available in the sizes that range from 1/5 inch to 4 square inches. The net is found in two shapes, which are square mesh or diamond mesh.

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